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Calendar Of Events 2012

1st January 2012

 Calendar of Events 2012                                                       Venue




14th  -      Umpires Course Part 1                                                                    Willenhall Community Centre

15th  -      Umpires Course Part 2                                                                    Willenhall Community Centre

21st  -      Referees Course Parts 1 & 2                                                           Willenhall Community Centre

22nd -      Black Belt Patterns Course                                                              Hutton Moor Sports Centre, W-S-M 

27th  -      Coloured Belt Grading                                                                      Bristol Academy 

                Bristol Academy/Central/West,Dursley,Emerson Green and Thornbury 




19th -        Black Belt Pre-Pre Grading                                                               Bristol Academy

23rd -        C.K.Choi Seminar                                                                             Northern Ireland

24th -        C.K.Choi Seminar                                                                             Scotland

25th -        South West Championships                                                             Salisbury Leisure Centre

25th -        C.K.Choi Seminar                                                                             North Of England 

26th -        C.K.Choi Seminar                                                                             Midlands

28th -        C.K.Choi Seminar                                                                             East Anglia

29th -        C.K.Choi Seminar                                                                             South East Of England




2nd  -        C.K.Choi seminar                                                                               Wales

3rd   -        C.K.Choi seminar                                                                               Hutton Moor Sports centre, W-S-M

10th -         Umpires Course Parts 1 & 2                                                              Newbury

11th -         Referees Course Parts 1 & 2                                                             Newbury

17th -         Black Belt Pre-Grading                                                                      Bristol Academy

18th -         English Championships                                                                    Telford international Arena

31st -         Black Belt Pre Grading Training                                                        Broadoak School Windwhistle Road W-S-M 




13th -         Coloured Belt Grading                                                                       Bristol Academy

                    Bristol Academy/Central/West,Dursley,Emerson Green and Thornbury


15th -         Black Belt Pre-Grading Training                                                         Hutton Moor Sports Centre W-S-M

20th-22nd  Black Belt Grading                                                                             Bristol Academy




5th -            Umpires Course Part 1                                                                      Willenhall Community Centre

6th -            Umpires Course Part 2                                                                      Willenhall Community Centre

20th -          Welsh Championships                                                                       UWIC Cardiff Arena




9th-10th -    Instructors Course Part 1                                                                  Bristol Academy

30th -           Referees Course Parts 1 & 2                                                           Willenhall Community Centre




1st  -            Black Belt Patterns Course                                                               Hutton Moor Sports Centre W-S-M


6th  -            Coloured Belt Grading                                                                      Bristol Academy

                    Bristol Academy/Central/West,Dursley,Emerson Green and Thornbury


13th-15th -  Cadet Camp                                                                                      Dartmoor 

28th-4th August  Adult Summer Camp                                                               Veryan,Cornwall




10-12th -      Junior Summer Camp                                                                      Huish Woods,Taunton



 1st -            Umpires Course Parts 1                                                                   Newbury

2nd -            Umpires Course Parts 2                                                                   Newbury

8th  -            Scottish Championships                                                                   TBA

23rd -           Black Belt Pre Grading                                                                     Bristol Academy



7th -             Black Belt Pre-Grading Training                                                       Hutton Moor Sports Centre, W-S-M

12th-            Coloured Belt Grading                                                                      Bristol Academy

                    Bristol Academy/Central/West,Dursley,Emerson Green and Thornbury


14th -          Black Belt Pre-Grading Training                                                         Hutton Moor Sports Centre, W-S-M

19-21st       Black Belt Grading                                                                              Bristol Academy

28th -         Southern Championships                                                                    Riverside Leisure Centre, Exeter



3rd -          Referees Course Parts1 & 2                                                                Newbury

10th-11th  Instructors Course Part 2                                                                     Bristol Academy

25th -        British Championships                                                                          Telford International Arena






Please Note:


Patterns Courses:    All grades 10am

                                   (Arrive 30 minutes early for registration)

Black Belt Training:       All Black Belts 10am -1st Kups Grading 12.00 noon

                                                     (Arrive 30 minutes early for registration)

Black Belt Training:      All Black Belts MUST attend 1 Black Belt training session or patterns course every

                                                6 months (1 in the first part of the year and 1 in the second)

Course Application       Must be handed in to your instructor 3 weeks prior to the event. 

Forms:                                 With the relevat course fee. 

Tournament                    All Black Belts 16 years and above must attend 2 tournaments per year as an official

Officials:                               this must include 1 national.

                                                  Black Belt licence books must be taken to these events for signing.


Black Belt licence books MUST be taken to all courses & Black Belt Training Sessions for signing.

Your up to date licence slip MUST be in your book. NO BOOK & LICENCE SLIP, NO TRAINING.