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British Championships 2011

28th November 2011

The Final Event of the TAGB 2011 Calendar, The British Championships, took place at the Telford International Centre on Sunday 27th November. At the British Championships this time all juniors entering received a Certificate of Participation.

The Power Pad proved to be a great success at the tournament and a large number of students took part and registered how much force their technique recorded on an electronic scale linked to a computer. This was good fun and everyone who took part enjoyed it.

The 2011 Black Belt Grading awards were present to Helen Campbell and James Watson for the April 2011 Black Belt grading and to Maya Levan for the October 2011 Black Belt grading.

Best male fighter of 2011 was awarded to James Watson
Best female fighter of 2011 was awarded to Tamsen Clarke
Best Up and coming fighter of 2011 was awarded to Tyrell Beloney
International Fighter of the Year 2011 was awarded to Warren Vice.